October 18, 2019
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To be personal start with custom iphone x case

picture case

With the development of globalization of economy, we can buy a lot of merchandise from abroad without going there. Such as skin care products, milk powder and one thing every got that is mobile. Everyone has one mobile no matter how old you are in China currently. And best-seller mobile in China is also abroad brand “iphone”. Iphone X is the newest generation now and many young guys buy it once it was come out. To make themself different, almost every guy would like to custom their own inphone X case.

photo iphone x cover

I search some custom inphone X case in to share with you. The first one is . Below picture for your reference. As you can see, this iphone X cover has more than three functions. The cover has small body but with large capacity. There are card slot, phone slot ( you can put your cherish phone here and see it anytime), mirror set lanyard for you make up if needed. And this case also can be wearing to avoid fall or forget anywhere. This wallet case is practical and cute for girls and office lady as well.Next, let’s to look at photo iphone x cover, this kind of design is also my favorite type. You can ask seller the add your own photo or your lover’s even your pets to your iphone case.The Model Liang Zhang customized his iphone case with one photo with his daughter. As we know, model has to go out on business all the time, when he take this phone case with him, he can see his daughter at anytime he want on zazzle.

And also you can put some word or saying you like in your phone case to move yourself forward.



  • If you are a student, you may add “ where there is a will, there is a way” or “early bird catches the worm” in your phone case.
  • But if you are the girl or boy someone fall in love recently, you may customize your couple’s sweetheart iphone case with words like “you can keep me warm above the storm” or “there isn’t a world enough without you” etc.
  • Now, personalization is a trend in our world, so start to have your own customize iphone case and be personality.