October 18, 2019
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Best gift ever

Tim is an interesting guy full of new ideas all the time.

He has been fallen in love with his girl friend Jane for five years. Tim pay a lot of attention, carefulness and love to his girl friend Jane. Tim will take Jane to any new and funny places for delicious food or places of interest as stoon as he has found one . Jane is a true fan of Apple Smart Phone – iphone. Once there is a new version of iphone come out, Tim will get a last version iphone from Jane,because Tim will buy Jane a newest version one . The iphone X that just came out this year, Jane has own it for a few months about zazzle.

custom iphone x case
custom case

It’s a sunny day that day, but it seems something wrong wrong with Tim,something makes him upset at the moment.It was due to the 5-year-anniversary of Tim been in love with Jane.Tim want to provide Jane with a surprise on that day and express his proposal of marriage to Jane.But the key is the gift.Girl is a mysterious people. You can never guess what they are think of at any moment. Also,nearly all kinds of gifts Tim has already sent to Jane. It was a headache to Tim these days.To prepare should make the other delighted as well as full of meanings. Tim finally turn to Maria,Jane’s best friend for help to see whether she has a good idea or not:

“Jane is a girl who like to make herself as beautiful as snow,you can prepare a lip rouge ,and she must be satisfied .”said Maria.

“Just sent one last month.”

“Or you can send her a serious of masterpieces,Jane is so keen on reading.”


  • “Two weeks ago,I just take her to a bookstore and pick a lot…”

  • “How about a dress? There is no any girl who do not like new clothes.”
  • “Last night,we just went shopping in a big shopping mall,she ought two ”

“Ah ~ I got it .Since Jane is a crazy iphone fan,and this gift is for a new and surprising idea.”

How about custom iphone case ? You can prepare a .You can use a picture of you two hand in hand or some sweet moment as a . This kind of  could be a surprise to Jane I think. And I know where to get the custom iphone case, I can send you the website later ,so that you can have you own personalised iphone X cover .”\

It is a sweet & moving evening ,holding the special gift thr picture iphone X cover ,Jane is so moved and nod to Jim allow him to wear the the diamond ring on her forth finger.