October 18, 2019
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Enjoy your personal customization of iPhone x cases

At some time in the past,having an is not only a symbol of personality,but also a manifestation of identity.Today,the iPhone x is still high-end,but has long been very ordinary.So more people,especially young people use the to reflect their own distinctive.Negligible low-cost, more intense personality display,custom are more and more favored by consumers, extremely sought after.

I believe many users have such an experience,the expensive iPhone x cases with a period of time are not only the pattern weared but also have a slight deformation which makes the cases no longer match the phones.We use a new technology in the custom iphone x cases,the problems above have become past.First, the user-provided photographs are printed on a special sublimation paper, and then transferred to the nano-aluminum sheet through high-temperature heating to transfer the photos on the paper. After cooling, the films are adhered to the cell phone case with grooves.The is clearer, the color difference is smaller, the surface is smooth as a mirror, there is no rough printing marks and ink spots, and the ink on the surface of the printing shell does not adhere to the surface and cause abrasion.

custom printed iphone x case
custom printed iphone x case

Same as the usual iPhone x cases customization, you can customize all your favorite patterns, including family photos, celebrities, commemorative photos, and even QR code. Give yourself a special memory, to him(her) an unexpected surprise, or leave your distinguished moment …, in short, we can do it as long as you want.